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VIDEO: Getting Started with Climomaster Hot-Wire Anemometers

The following video introduces users to the Kanomax Climomaster Hot-Wire Anemometers – 6501 Series models and probes. We cover what is included with these instruments, their features, benefits, and differences, applications, and operating procedures. Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

From the Climomaster 6501 Series product page:

“Climomaster anemometers are research grade handheld hot-wire anemometers that promises level 2% m.v. accuracy, making it the most accurate hot-wire airflow meter in the world. It offers a ton of flexibility and options including 8 different probes types. These probes are all interchangeable and can be used with a single main unit without any additional calibration.

Climomaster Hot-Wire Anemometer – 6501 Series probes can measure temperature and/or humidity along with air flow. Other probes are designed for use in turbulent or high-velocity airflow and some are miniaturized for use in really tight spaces like those encountered when checking the cooling profile of a circuit board. The unit comes standard with 20,000 record storage capacity and advanced data logging capability. It can also be ordered with a pressure sensor and analog output if desired. Many additional accessories such as software, extension rods, hands-free case and special cable lengths are also available.

All of these advanced options and extremely well-crafted components have helped in making the Climomaster Hot-Wire Anemometer – 6501 Series the top choice for some primary applications, including HVAC Testing, IAQ Investigations, Critical Environment Certification, HEPA Filter Performance Testing, Turbulent Air Testing, Manufacturing Process Controls, and more. All units come standard with with an automatic barometric pressure compensation feature which helps maintain their excellent accuracy rating even in extreme altitudes.”