Vapor Analyzer – Model Q200

High Sensitivity Trace Gas Leak Detection

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The D-Industrial Vapor Analyzer – Model Q200 is a portable instrument consisting of a carrying case that contains the power supply and electronics, a small cylinder of compressed argon gas, and the main display panel. The detector is mounted in a handheld probe, attached to the main unit by means of a 3.5 meter umbilical connection. A display panel is mounted in the hand probe to enable the operator to monitor measurements even when working in difficult locations.

The instrument is extremely easy to use, and provides highly accurate leak rate measurements. The response is almost instantaneous and the detector recovers quickly, even after exposure to high concentrations of trace gas. Where products are manufactured or maintained to a high leak tight specification the Q 200 is an invaluable aid in ensuring quality.

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  • Portable and easy to use
  • Responds to SF6
  • Fast response and recovery
  • Locates exact position of leaks
  • Quantifies the leak rate
  • Displays leak rate or concentration
  • RS232 serial interface for connection to data logger.
  • 0-2 volt analogue output
  • User adjustable audible alarm level
  • Measurement store facility
  • Simple user calibration procedure
  • In-built fault diagnosis
  • Fume hoods/cupboard and glove box containment checks (method ASHRAE 110- 2016 and EN 14175
  • Building re-entrainment
  • Checking hazardous materials storage vessels
  • Building ventilation rate studies

Main Specifications
Leakrate1 x 10-8 mL/s SF6

1 x 10-10 mL/s SF6)
Sensitivity0.01 ppm
SizeCase: 43 x 40 x 23 cms (17”x 16”x 9”)
WeightHand Held Probe: 0.9 Kgs (2.lbs)

Total Unit Weight 16 Kgs (35 lbs)
Operating Time on BatteryApproximately 20 hours
Reading Time1 second 85% of reading
Radioactive Source10 mC Ni63 (370 MBq)

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Vapor Analyzer - Model Q200 Introduction

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Vapor Analyzer - Model Q200 Testing Examples

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Vapor Analyzer – Model Q200 Introduction

Learn about the technology behind the D-Industrial Vapor Analyzer for tracer gas.

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