Dust Monitors

Kanomax USA offers highly accurate and convenient dust monitors for various applications, including our Digital Dust Monitor and Piezobalance Dust Monitor. These instruments provide solutions for things like construction dust monitoring, machining particle monitoring, and oil mist monitoring.

Portable Dust Monitors

Digital Dust Monitor - Model 3443

Digital Dust Monitor – Model 3443

Measures aerosol concentrations corresponding to PM10. The intake isolates the aerosol sample so that the optics chamber is kept sterile for improved reliability and low maintenance. The unit measures 0.1 to 10µm particle size aerosol contaminants such as fumes, dust, smoke and mists.

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Piezobalance Dust Monitor - 3520 Series

Piezobalance Dust Monitor – 3520 Series

Provides direct mass concentration of particulates using PIEZOBALANCE technology; ideal especially for oil mist monitoring. The Kanomax 3521 Series is equipped with 4 and 10µm impactors, while the 3522 is equipped with a 2.5µm impactor. Unlike conventional dust meters, which count particles, a PIEZOBALANCE dust meter like the 3521 or 3522 “weighs” mass concentration of particulates.

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Fly Ash Sampler

CEGRIT Automatic Flysash Sampler 1

CEGRIT Automatic Flyash Sampler

The CEGRIT isokinetic particulate sampler is a device that can extract particulate samples of fly-ash, gift and dust from any fossil-fueled duct or chimney stack. Once Installed and site calibrated, will automatically sample isokinetically irrespective of changing Stack gas velocity conditions or calorific loading.

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