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Calibration Price List

*Prices are for base calibration services only. Additional costs such as repairs and labor will be quoted separately after your unit is received and evaluated.

Product TypeModel NumberDescriptionList Price (USD)
Handheld AnemometerAFCAL 6812Vane (Velocity Only) – 6812/6822 Series $280
Handheld AnemometerAFCAL 6813Vane (Velocity and Temperature) – 6813/6824 Series $320
Handheld AnemometerAFCAL 6815Vane (Velocity, Temperature, and RH) – 6815/6825 Series $520
Handheld Particle CounterAFCAL 38873887A LPC Calibration$480
Handheld Particle CounterAFCAL 38863886 LPC Calibration$580
Handheld Particle CounterAFCAL 38883888 LPC Calibration$475
Handheld Particle CounterAFCAL 38893889 LPC Calibration$690
Portable Particle CounterAFCAL 39053905 LPC Calibration$800
Portable Particle CounterAFCAL 39103910 LPC Calibration$800
Remote Particle SensorAFCAL 37153715 LPS Calibration$450
Remote Particle SensorAFCAL 37143714 LPS Calibration$450
Handheld AnemometerAFCAL 6501Climomaster – 6501 w/ One Probe (Velocity Only)$320
Handheld AnemometerAFCAL 6036Anemomaster – 6035/6036 (Velocity Only)$320
Handheld AnemometerAFCAL 6006Anemomaster Lite – A004/6006 (Velocity Only)$320
Handheld AnemometerAFCAL A031Anemomaster – A031 (Velocity Only)$320
Handheld AnemometerAFCAL A034Anemomaster – A034 (Velocity Only)$320
Handheld AnemometerAFCAL A041Anemomaster – A041 (Velocity Only)$320
Multi-Channel Probe (old)AFCAL MULTI CHANNELMulti-channel or Airflow Transducer Probe$320
Airflow Capture HoodAFCAL 6710TABmaster Airflow Capture Hood – 6710 $375
Airflow Capture HoodAFCAL 6715TABmaster Airflow Capture Hood – 6715 $450
MicromanometerAFCAL 67006700 (Pressure)$450
Duct Air Leakage TesterAFCAL 6900DALT – 6900 $680
Humidity CalibrationAFCAL HUMIDITYHumidity Probe Calibration (One Point)$200
Temperature CalibrationAFCAL TEMPTemperature Probe Calibration (One Point)$175
Pressure CalibrationAFCAL PRESSUREPressure Accessory Calibration$180
Portable AnemometerAFCAL 61136113/6114 (Velocity, Temperature)$700
Portable AnemometerAFCAL 61156115 (Velocity, Temperature, Pressure)$830
Dust MonitorAFCAL 3443Dust Monitor – 3443$945
Dust MonitorAFCAL 3521Dust Monitor – 3521/3522 $945
IAQ MonitorAFCAL 2212IAQ Monitor – 2211/2212 $1100
ProbeAFCAL 0842Probe 0842 (Temperature and RH)$690
ProbeAFCAL 0843Probe 0843 (Air Velocity)$550
Service FeeAFCAL EVALUATIONEvaluation Charge$100
Service FeeAFCAL LABORLabor Charge (Per Hour)$100
Service FeeAFCAL EXPEDITEExpedite FeePlease request price when you submit RMA

Calibration Recommendations and Tips

Calibration is an important maintenance step that sometimes gets forgotten in the flurry of day-to-day activity. However, the fact is without annual calibration the instrument you’re using may not be doing its intended job. To ensure your instruments are measuring correctly, Kanomax recommends annual calibration. All instruments calibrated in our lab come with a NIST traceable certificate proving they are performing accurately.

Our Calibration Laboratory in New Jersey maintains two of the most accurate wind tunnels; including a 16 foot open jet and closed loop Gottingen for low and high velocity. Kanomax support provides the highest quality of service available with a quick turnaround time. Our service specialists are well trained and will calibrate your instruments to the highest standards. Kanomax offers the following calibration services:

  1. Velocity (from 20 to 10,000 FPM)
  2. Pressure (Micro Manometers)
  3. Temperature (Thermo Hygrometers, Thermo Anemometers)
  4. Relative Humidity
  5. Particle Counters
  6. Capture Hoods
  7. Aerosol Monitors
Kanomax Wind Tunnel in Calibration Lab

Here are some tips to make calibration easier:

  1. Plan ahead: make a calibration schedule for each instrument. If you have a slower period close to the end of a calibration cycle be proactive and send the instrument in during the slowdown to minimize downtime.
  2. Ask our sales department for a quote on any additional instruments so you have other units covering your measurement needs.
  3. Create an instrumentation file on your calendar noting calibration due dates.
  4. Please read the shipping notes included with your instrument when you receive your RMA.
  5. *NOTE: We offer expedited calibration services at an additional cost.
Kanomax Wind Tunnel in Calibration Lab