Vibration Meter – Model 4200

Highly accurate vibration meter

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This instrument is designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use. It diagnoses vibrations associated with your industrial machinery before they become a problem.

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  • Compact size maximizes technician mobility
  • Magnetic accelerometer increases measuring accuracy and ease-of-use
  • Built-in RS232 interface allows data output to a PC or direct output to a printer
  • Includes meter, accelerometer with cable and magnet, contact pin, 2 x AAA batteries, carrying case, and NIST TRACEABLE Calibration Certificate
  • Industrial Machinery Check-ups
  • Manufacturing QA

Main Unit Specifications
Measurement RangeAcceleration0.02 to 200 m/s2 RMS
Velocity0.02 to 200mm/s RMS
Displacement2 to 2000 m EQp-p
Frequency RangeAcceleration3Hz to 10kHz
Velocity10Hz to 1kHz (Compliant with JIS B0907-1989)
Displacement10 to 400Hz
ParametersRMS, Peak, EQ Peak, EQ Peak-to-Peak
General Specifications
OutputAC Output1Vrms (Full Scale)
Headphone OutputPortable Headphones w/Volume function
Operating Environment-10 to 50°C, 30 to 90%RH with no condensation
Power Supply2 x AAA batteries or AC adapter
Dimensions5.7″(H)x1.9″(W)x0.9″(D) Case is 12″x18″x3″ (8lbs)
Weight3.0lbs (136 g)
Warranty1 year
What’s IncludedMeter, Operation manual, Accelerometer with cable and magnet, Contact pin, 2 x AAA batteries, Carrying case, Calibration certificate

User Manual


Data Sheet


Engineer Drawing


  • Pickup within Pre-Amp: Model AC7812B
  • Cable Carl Cable: Model ACBC-0016
  • Contact Pin: Model ACNC-0344
  • Magnet: Model ACPV-0148
  • Strong Magnet - Insulated Type: Model ACPV-5050
  • AC Adapter - AC 100 V Input, DC 3 V Output: Model AC-1046
  • Auscultation Rod - 300 mm: Model ACNA-0134
  • Relay Connector: Model ACBC-0063
  • Stud: Model ACSS-22M
  • Headphone - Needs ACPC-260MS: Model ACATH-WM5
  • Adapter for Headphone - Conversion adapter to connect between the headphone and Model 4200: Model ACPC-260MS
  • 3M Extension Cable: Model ACBC-0116-3
  • 5M Extension Cable: Model ACBC-0116-5
  • 10M Extension Cable: Model ACBC-0116-10
  • 1.5M BNC-Pin Cable: Model ACBC-0071
  • USB/RS232C Interface Cable - For connection of PC (Data management software), D-sub 8 pins: Model ACBC-0026PC
  • Interface Cable (RS232C type) - For connection with printer ACBS2-80TS, (D-sub 8 pins): Model ACBC-0026
  • Data Processing Software: Model ACNA-0116
  • Printer: Model ACBS2-80TS
  • AC Adapter for Printer: Model AC-1016
  • Roll Paper for Printer - 10 rolls: Model ACBS-80-15

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