Tracer Gas Diffuser Kit – Model DIF-Kit

ASHRAE 110 testing made easy

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The Kanomax Tracer Gas Diffuser Kit (aka Dif-Kit) is specified in ASHRAE 110 – 2016 on pages 9-12. We start with the standard design and then enhance it. The standard calls for a release rate of 4.0LPM. The output is a function of the critical orifice size and the upstream SF6 pressure. We digitally calibrate each ejector and it comes with a digital pressure gauge to ensure that you are releasing exactly 4LPM every time. Our ‘Dif-Kit’ includes an ejector, a digital pressure gauge, and a gas regulator. Ships in a hard case.

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  • Diffuser is made to the design and specifications of ASHRAE Standard Drawing #110-83M
  • The internal critical orifice ensures a flow rate of 4 liters per minute (lpm)
  • Thermal anemometer for face velocity testing
  • Commercial fog machine for flow visualization
  • Fume hood performance test according to ASHRAE Standard 110-2016

Main Unit Specifications
Critical Orifice4 Liters Per Minute
RegulatorDual Stage, Specialty Gas
Flow MeterCalibrated 150mm/200psi, Glass Tube
Pressure GaugeLarge Dial, 0 to 60psi
Warranty1 year
Standard AccessoriesDiffuser, Pressure Gauge, Shut-off Valve, In-line Flow Meter, 20 ft of Tubing, Tank Regulator for Gas Cylinder

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Application Note - Fume Hood Diagnostic Testing


  • Fog Machine - Model AL900
  • Fog Machine Fluid

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