Table KOACH – Model T 500-F

Portable clean bench capable of creating an ISO Class 1 clean air environment

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The Koken Table KOACH portable clean bench is able to create an ISO Class 1 local environment in order to solve the carry-over contamination problem that is caused by airborne particulates in the laboratory. Equipped with nanofiber filters that can remove airborne particulates of 0.1μm in diameter, the Table KOACH can achieve the world’s highest level of cleanliness rated at ISO Class 1, preventing virus-like particles from entering.

Furthermore, contaminants generated by the movement of the worker’s hands will not stay inside the clean zone due to how the air flows collides between the two opposing hoods. With the installation of a Table KOACH, a clean zone can be created locally in the limited space of the vessel by carrying it to the very location where necessary.

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  • Achieve ISO Class 1 cleanliness instantly (< 2 mins)
  • Benchtop clean area without surrounding walls
  • Low uni-directional airflow doesn’t disturb the working surface
  • Cost-saving compared to developing a cleanroom
  • Sources of dust can be identified easily
  • Sources of dust are allowed to be brought in
  • Portable; can be relocated easily
  • Create temporary clean zone in limited space
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratories
  • Food industry
  • Aerospace product development
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

Main Specifications
External DimensionsW20.63 in × D11.61 in × H12.56 in
Size of Air-Blowing SurfaceW19.53 in × H12.20 in
WeightApprox. 57 lbs. (Approx. 28.5 lb × 2 units)
Maximum Distance for Clean ZoneWithin 27.60 in (Maximum distance between the pair of push hoods)
Flow Rate at Air-Blowing SurfaceApprox. 15.75 in/s
Air Cleanliness RatingISO Class 1
Power120V(USA) 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption *2120-220W (60-110W × 2 units)

*1 Pretreatment filter consists of ELE-PRE and pre-filter.
*2 Power consumption fluctuates with pressure loss of the filter.

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Koken KOACH Product Tour

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Koken KOACH Product Tour

Learn about the technology behind the Koken KOACH series of open clean air systems.

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