Multi-Channel Anemometer – Model 1580

Revolutionary 12-channel Multi-Channel Anemometer

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The Kanomax Multichannel Anemomaster – Model 1580 is the world’s most accurate and responsive multichannel anemometer. Perfect for measuring airflow in semiconductor manufacturing. Measure up to 12 channels with the industry’s most accurate and smallest miniature probes. Features high heat resistance and temperature measurement. Multi-point measurement has never been easier.

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  • 15 types of compatible probes for various applications
  • The smallest class probes in the industry
  • High heat resistance enables precise measurement even in tough environments
  • Highly portable main body makes it easy to use in vehicles
  • Improved probe response and accuracy, micro air velocity limit of 0.01 m/s
  • Support analog output via optional Analog Unit - Model 1592-00
  • Windows measurement software simultaneously measures air velocity, temperature, and humidity via the real-time graph display. Measurement data is saved in text format and can be easily imported into table measurement software such as Excel
  • Thermal management of automobile electronic control unit (ECU)
  • Electronic component heat evaluation
  • Indoor airflow management for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Data center thermal management

Main Unit Specifications

ProductMulti-Channel Anemomaster
Number of ChannelsUp to 12 channels
Communication FunctionBetween PCUSB Micro-B
Between ProbeSerial communication (standard cable)
Between ProbeSerial communication (connector)
Power SupplyDC12 to 24V (Select either one of 3 options below)

1) Connection with other unit, 2) AC adaptor (90W), 3) DC power cable
Power ConsumptionUp to 50W
Operating Environment5~40℃, 0~85% RH (No Condensation)
Storage Environment-10~60℃, 0~90% RH
(No Condensation)
DimensionsW220mm × D130mm × H40mm
Weight0.6 kg
Standard AccessoriesAC Adapter (90W), Software (CD), Operation manual, USB cable, Rubber cap
Warranty1 year

Analog Unit Specifications

ProductAnalog Unit
Number of Channels12
Communication FunctionBetween unitsSerial communication {connector}
Analog OutputVoltage outputRange0 ~ 5 V
Output resistance1 kΩ
Current outputRange4 ~20 mA
Load resistance250 Ω
Power SupplyDC12 to 24V (Select either one of 3 options below)

1) Connection with other unit, 2) AC adaptor (90W), 3) DC power cable
Power Consumption10W
Operating Environment5~40℃, 0~85% RH (No Condensation)
Storage Environment-10~60℃, 0~90% RH (No Condensation)
SizeW220mm × D130mm × H40mm
Standard AccessoriesSetup guide, Connecting clips (2pcs), Rubber cap (2pcs), Terminal block (3pcs)
Warranty1 year

Probe Specifications

Model NumberMeasurement TargetDirectivityAir VelocityWind TemperatureHumidityOperating
Measurement RangeMeasurement AccuracyResponsivityMeasurement RangeMeasurement AccuracyMeasurement RangeMeasurement Accuracy
Yes0.01~50.0m/sThe larger of ± 2% or
± 0.02 m/s of the displayed
1 Second0-100℃± 5% of
at 0-100 ℃
0975-00No0.01~25.0m/s3 Seconds
± 5% of
value at 0-120 ℃
0.01~30.0m/sThe larger of ± 3% or
± 0.02 m / s of the displayed
The larger of ± 2% or
± 0.02 m/s of the displayed
0-100℃± 5% of
at 0-100 ℃
0976-05Air Velocity and TemperatureThe larger of ± 3% or ± 0.02 m/s
of the displayed value
0~120℃±0.5%0-120℃± 5% of displayed
value at 0-120 ℃
0976-150~100℃0-100℃± 5% of
at 0-100 ℃
0975-21The larger of ± 2% or
± 0.02 m/s of the displayed
0.01~25.0m/s0~60℃5~95%RH5~80% RH:3% RH
80~90% RH:5% RH

User Manual


Data Sheet


  • Flat Probe (V) - Model 0972-00
  • Uni-Directional Probe (V) - Model 0973-00
  • Needle Probe (V) - Model 0975-00
  • Needle Probe (V) - Model 0975-09
  • Long Needle Probe (V) - Model 0975-10
  • Spherical Probe (V) - Model 0976-03
  • Spherical Angled Probe (V) - Model 0976-04
  • Mini Probe (V/T) - Model 0976-05
  • Mini Probe (V) - Model 0976-07
  • Spherical Probe (V) - Model 0976-13
  • Spherical Angled Probe (V) - Model 0976-14
  • Mini Probe (V/T) - Model 0976-15
  • Mini Probe (V) - Model 0976-17
  • Needle Probe (V/T) - Model 0975-21
  • Probe (V/T/H) - Model 0975-31
  • Spare AC Adaptor - Model 1580-10
  • DC Power Connection - Model 1580-37
  • Probe Fixture Jig Pack (20pcs.; compatible w/ 0976-03/0976-04 and 0976-13/0976-14) - Model 1580-90
  • Double Coated Tape (for 0976 probes) - Model 1590-92
  • Standard Cable (0.5m) - 1580-30
  • Standard Cable (2m) - 1580-31
  • Standard Cable (5m) - 1580-32
  • Standard Cable (10m) - 1580-33
  • Standard Cable (20m) - 1580-34
  • Standard Cable (40m) - 1580-35

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How do hot-wire anemometers measure air velocity?

They measure the air speed by calculating how fast the probe sensor is being cooled by the airflow.

Does the unit come with an NIST traceable certificate?

Yes, all our instruments come with a calibration certificate.

How often does the unit need to be calibrated?

Annual calibration is recommended to ensure accuracy. However, this can vary based on how often the anemometer is used and the environments it’s used in. Also, some companies have an SOP in place that specifies how often the instrument will need to be serviced. More specifically, regulatory compliance may dictate the calibration interval.

What kinds of airflow can I measure with my Kanomax anemometer?

You can measure clean air between -4 and 158°F (-20 to 70°C) in an environment with no visible condensation. (Please note: the temperature range given is for the probes)

Can I measure airflow in flammable and corrosive gases?

No, these are thermal anemometers that generate heat when in operation; if you expose them to a flammable gas it could cause a fire or explosion. Corrosive or caustic gases, such a chlorine, will damage the sensor on contact. While it is possible to use the instrument in a non-flammable, non-caustic gases the instrument is not calibrated for these gases and it will not measure airflow accurately.

What multi-channel options are available from Kanomax?

We have three multi-channel anemometers: The 1570 is a 4-channel anemometer that just measure air velocity. The 1550 and 1560 have more channels (16 and 6 respectively) and can also measure temperature and relative humidity. These two units can be operated in a cascade configuration where multiple units can be chained together to create more channels.

How do I order a multi-channel system?

These systems are designed for flexibility so you can buy exactly what you need for your specific application. The 4-channel 1570 is easy to order as it requires only the main unit and then whichever probes and cables suit your application. The 1550 and 1560 are a bit more complex as these instruments are composed of the chassis, modules, cables and probes. Each probe must have the correct corresponding module installed in the chassis to plug into. We suggest calling your distributor or Kanomax to get assistance with ordering these systems.

Introducing Next Gen Kanomax Airflow Transducers and Multi-Channel Anemometers

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