CEGRIT Automatic Flyash Sampler

Extract particulate samples of fly-ash

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The CEGRIT isokinetic particulate sampler is a device that can extract particulate samples of fly-ash, gift and dust from any fossil-fueled duct or chimney stack.

Once Installed and site calibrated, will automatically sample isokinetically irrespective of changing Stack gas velocity conditions or calorific loading.

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  • Optimize combustion for minimum NOx emissions
  • Save fuel by minimizing excess air while controlling carbon losses
  • Reduce CCR’s by producing high-quality fly-ash for sale
  • Produce high-quality fly-ash for sale
  • Minimize labor involved in routinely sampling fly-ash
  • Avoid sample bias and time lag involved in hopper or ash-line sampling
  • Airborne gas particulates, from 5µm to 250µm, are extracted isokinetically even when stack gas velocity fluctuations occur during the extraction period.
  • With no moving parts, the most cost effective and efficient method of Automatic Isokinetic Sampling of air borne gases particulates.
  • General capture efficiency of greater than 99% and maintains an efficiency of 95% even when measuring as low as 5µM, irrespective of boiler load conditions.
  • Requires no power (unless a heater jacket is required) to operate continuously.
  • Apart from periodic emptying of replacing of the glass sample container, the system requires very little maintenance.
  • Measuring and monitoring airborne particulates for processing in industries such as:
    • Boiler manufacturers
    • Smaller Diesel generating plant manufacturers
    • Large Diesel Engine manufacturers
    • Shipping (Fossil Fuelled Boilers) Cement manufacturers
    • Crematoria
    • Pharma Company’s requiring to sample a product (dust) Isokinetically
    • Petrochemical Company’s requiring to sample a product (dust) Isokinetically
  • Visual means of checking sample condition while in operation
  • Robust construction and no moving parts making it extremely reliable
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • Self-regulating to within 12% of isokinetic conditions, from zero to max load
  • Sample capture efficiency rate – typically 99%
  • NISIL coated cyclone for longer life of system
  • Positive flue pressure purge pipe available
  • A range of probe and nozzle sizes to suit different flue sizes and velocities

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