Aeroqual Gas Monitor – S Series

Detect and analyze single or multiple gases

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The Aeroqual S Series of IAQ and Gas Monitors offer air quality professionals and private citizens around the world the ability to accurately test and monitor a range of gases. From schools to community groups, employers, researchers, and health and safety managers, there’s an S Series handheld monitor to perfectly suit your needs.

Whether measuring indoor or outdoor air quality, ozone levels, or wildfire smoke the S Series range delivers reliable real-time data you can trust. A “swappable” sensor head design allows users to measure up to 30 common indoor and outdoor pollutants, removing and replacing sensors in seconds.

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  • 28 inter-changeable sensors
  • Customizable to a variety of applications
  • Designed for outdoor performance
  • GSS technology for ppb level measurements
  • Real-time data capture
  • Part-per-billion gas detection in ambient air
  • Traceable factory and field calibration
  • US EPA highlighted
  • Short term air quality studies
  • Checks on pollution “hot spots”
  • Site air quality surveys
  • Personal exposure assessments
  • Short term fixed monitoring

Main Unit Specifications
Measurement UnitsPPM or mg/m3
Sensor HeadRemovable and Replaceable
Output0 to 5 V, Alarm output
Data Logging8188 data points
Power SupplyLi-Ion Battery or AC Adapter
Dimensions (with sensor head)7.0 x 4.75 x 2.0 inches (195 x 122 x 54 mm)
Weight (with sensor and battery)1 lbs (460 g)
Part 15 of FCC Rules
EN 50082-1: 1997
EN 50081-1: 1992
Warranty1 year
What's IncludedMeter, Li-ion battery pack, Operation manual, AC adapter
Aeroqual Monitor Sensor Heads
SensorRange (PPM)Accuracy of CalibrationMin. Detection Limit (PPM)Resolution (PPM)Operational Temperature RangeOperational RH Range
Ammonia (ENG)0-100<±10%0.20.132-104°F15-90%
Ammonia (NH)0-1000<±15%2132-104°F15-90%
Carbon Monoxide (ECM)0-25<±0.5 ppm 0-5 ppm;0.050.0132-104°F15-90%
<±10% 5-25 ppm
Carbon Monoxide (ECN)0-100<±1 ppm 0-10 ppm;0.20.132-104°F10-90%
<±10% 10-100 ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO)0-1000<±101132-104°F10-90%
Carbon Dioxide (CD)0-2000<±10 ppm +5%10132-104°F0-95%
Carbon Dioxide (CE)0-5000<±20 ppm +5%20132-104°F0-95%
Chlorine (ECL)0-10<±10%0.020.0132-104°F15-90%
Formaldehyde (EF)0-10<±0.05 ppm 0-0.5 ppm;0.010.0132-104°F15-90%
<±10% 0.5-10 ppm
Hydrogen (HA)0-5000<±105132-104°F10-90%
Hydrogen Sulfide (EHS)0-10<±0.05 ppm 0-0.5 ppm;0.040.0132-104°F10-90%
<±10% 0.5-10 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide (EHT)0-100<±0.5 ppm 0-5 ppm;0.040.0132-104°F15-90%
<±10% 5-100 ppm
Methane (MT)0-10000<±15%10132-104°F10-90%
Nitrogen Dioxide (END)0-1<±0.02 ppm 0-0.2 ppm;0.0050.00132-104°F15-90%
<±10% 0.2-1 ppm
NMHC (VN)0-25<±0.1 ppm + 10%0.10.132-104°F10-90%
Ozone (OZS)0-0.05<±0.002 ppm0.0010.00132-104°F10-90%
Ozone (OZL)0-0.5<±0.008 ppm 0-0.1 ppm;0.0010.00132-104°F10-90%
<±10% 0.1-0.5 ppm
Ozone (OZG)0-10<±0.1 ppm 0-1 ppm;0.020.0132-104°F10-90%
15% 1-10 ppm
Ozone (EOZ)0-10<±0.01ppm + 7.5%0.010.0132-104°F15-90%
Ozone (EOZH)0-30<±0.05 ppm + 10%0.010.0132-104°F15-90%
Particulate Matter
(PM2.5 and PM10)
mg /m3
± 0.005 mg /m3 + 15 %0.001
mg /m3
mg /m3
32-104°F0 to 90%
Perchloroethylene (PE)0-200<±5 ppm 0-50 ppm;1132-104°F10-90%
<±10% 50-200 ppm
Sulphur Dioxide (ESO)0-10<±0.05 ppm 0-0.5 ppm;0.040.0132-104°F15-90%
<±10% 0.5-10 ppm
Sulphur Dioxide (ESP)0-100<±0.5 ppm 0-5 ppm;0.40.132-104°F15-90%
<±10% 5-100 ppm
VOC (VM)0-25<±0.1 ppm + 10%0.10.132-104°F10-90%
VOC (VP)0-500<±5ppm + 10%1132-104°F10-90%
VOC (VOC)0-30<±0.02ppm + 10%0.020.0132-104°F10-90%
VOC (VOCH)0-2000<±0.2ppm + 10%0.10.132-104°F10-90%

User Manual


Data Sheet - English


Data Sheet - Sensor Specifications


Application Note - Indoor Sterilization and Purification


Application Note - OZONE Monitor Pharmaceutical Applications


  • Wall Bracket: Model AS R33
  • Calibration Kit: Model AS R42
  • Remote Sensor Kit: Model AS R10
  • IP41 Remote Sensor Kit: Model AS R13
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter: AS R32
  • Lithium Battery: Model AS R36
  • Industrial Enclosure: Model HH ENC
  • Carry Case Small: Model AS R40
  • Carry Case Large: Model AS R41

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