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Kanomax USA has partnered with P.T. Teknik to bring their high-end Thermal Manikin System to the US. P.T. Teknik research manikins are widely used in analysing human thermal comfort of buildings, ventilation and air conditioning systems, cars and clothing.

The manikins are used by universities as well as industrial R&D departments.

Examples of use include:

  • Bauhaus-Universität Weimar: PT Teknik Male manikin used for general research in building design and thermal comfort
  • CEPT University: PT Teknik manikin used for evaluation of CLO values and thermal comfort of COVID19 kits for doctors and frontline personnel
  • Nissan Motors: PT Teknik manikin used for HVAC assessment and cabin comfort analysis in cars
  • Kajima Construction: PT Teknik manikin used for research in building construction and HVAC systems
  • University of Ulster: Female manikin used for general research of thermal comfort in clothing and different environments

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  • Natural bodyshape – male or female – with a dense 2,2 mm wiring optimized to create a uniform heat loss across the thermal manikin’s body.
  • Reaches set point temperature in less than 10 minutes and maintains stability in any realistic operative environment
  • Can be placed standing, sitting or laying down depending on the application. Option to include mode for walking/motion.
  • Cast in high quality glass fiber with robust polyoxymethylen joints, allowing the thermal manikin to withstand being moved around, dressed/undressed etc.
  • Operated through an intuitive PC SW interface and free on-site training/instruction in the first week.
  • Analysis of thermal comfort of car cabins, air crafts etc. with dedicated heating and ventilation systems
    • A special ´Driver´ configuration of the thermal manikin is available
  • Analysis of clo values of garments/textiles, performance clothes etc.
  • Various analysis of thermal comfort impact of indoor climate regulation and building construction

Main Specifications
ParametersSkin T
Heat flux
Body Zones22 – 27 (or more on request)
ModesComfort mode
Operative T
PID fixed setpoint and fixed heat loss
Body SizeMale 175 cm, Female 168 cm, 20 kg
Power Supply100 / 240 V in, 24 V DC out
Heat LossRange 0 – 300 W/m2
Resolution 0.1 W/m2
Precision 1%
TemperatureRange 15 – 45 C
Resolution 0.1 C
Precision 0.1 C
*Body can be separated in the waist for easy transport

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