Fog Machine – Models AL900 & Hazer Pro

For fume hood testing and automobile testing

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The Model AL900 and Hazer Professional are each economical fog machines, excellent for applications such as combine with the Kanomax tracer gas testing DIF-Kit. A simple on-off switch (in remote control mode only) initiates a remarkably powerful blast of smoke. The output from the 1000 watt heater of this compact machine is truly remarkable.

NOTE: The Flow Visualization and velocity procedure test standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 section 6) is a visualization test used to determine hood ability to contain vapors. A visible smoke is introduced in a manner that is consistent in a way the hood is typically used. See ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 section 6 for a complete description of testing procedures.

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  • Large volume fog machine
  • Accepts all Rosco fog fluids
  • Fume hood testing
  • Ventilation testing

Main Unit Specifications
Power Requirements120 volts, 50/60 hz, 10 amps
220/240 volts, 50/60 hz, 5 amps
Particle Size0.25 – 60 microns
Warm-Up Time5 minutes (approx.)
Dimensions14.4″ x 6″ x 8″
36.6 cm x 15.25 cm x 20.3 cm
Weight11.4 lbs., 5.2 kg
Max Consumption1 liter per hour
16 ml per minute
Fuse Type120 250/10A
240 volt-5A

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Data Sheet - Material Safety Data Sheet


  • Fog Machine Fluid

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