Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer

Affordable and highly accurate fume hood vapor visualization system

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The Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer is the simple, modern, and better way to test your fume hoods.

Airflow is invisible. The Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer uses vapor haze and lasers to make air visible. Observing airflow inside and around your fume hood gives you invaluable knowledge and insight as to how it performs, all while educating you about air behavior.

The Fume Hood Certified Tri-Color focuses on the real world conditions present in the lab, allowing for unprecedented fume hood testing.

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  • Portable and easy to use
  • Does not require SF6
  • See normally invisible airflow
  • Goes beyond face velocity profiling to improve user safety
  • Much less expensive than traditional fume hood testing equipment
  • Fume hood testing

Tri-Color kit* includes:

  • Tri-Color visualizer unit with remote control
  • Laser units (2 x Red and 2 x Green units)
  • Laser control panel
  • Hazer Professional (smoke machine)
  • Hazer fluid
  • Extension elbows (45- & 90-degree angle)
  • Hot-wire anemometer
  • Hot-wire air probe stand + probe holder
  • Marking tape and tape measure
  • Hard carrying/shipping case

*Kit accessories are available to be purchased separately.

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