Fume Hood Testing

Fume Hood Testing Instruments

Kanomax DIF-Kit

Tracer Gas Diffuser Kit – Model DIF-Kit

The Kanomax tracer gas diffuser kit is used in performing tracer gas tests in accordance with ANSI / ASHRAE Standard 110. The diffuser is designed to the specifications of standard drawing #110-83M.

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ASHRAE 110 Testing Manikin Kit

ASHRAE 110 Testing Manikin – Model Manikin Kit

Test mannequin to simulate a human breathing zone. Comes with a manikin, lab coat, manikin stand, and soft carrying case.

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Kanomax Rosco Fog Machine - AL900

Fog Machine – Model AL900

An economical fog machine, excellent for applications such as combine with the Kanomax tracer gas testing DIF-KIT. A simple on-off switch (in remote control mode only) initiates a remarkably powerful blast of smoke.

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Kanomax Anemomaster Professional Anemometer - Model 6036 - Articulating Probe

Anemomaster Professional Anemometer – Model 6036

The Anemomaster™ Professional is an excellent choice for most HVAC applications. Its accuracy rating is 3% m.v. which is equal to our competitor’s high end units.

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