Automotive Testing

Kanomax offers a range of unique instruments engineered to make automotive testing and aerospace testing easier. These include Multi-Channel Anemometers, Amenity Manikins with built-in airflow sensors, Thermal Manikins, a Cabin Leakage Tester, Steam Generator, and more.

Automotive Testing Instruments

Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemometer -1550/1560 Front

Multi-Channel Anemometer – 1550/1560 Series

Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemometers are research-grade airflow measuring instruments designed for high performance and precision. When coupled with our highly accurate probes this four-channel anemometer provides highly accurate and reliable data readings.

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Kanomax Amenity Manikin System for Automotive Testing

Amenity Manikin

The Kanomax Amenity Manikin System is an optimal solution for precise interior cabin comfort evaluation. The system measures parameters, such as air velocity, temperature, humidity, and radiant heat, which all relate to human comfort levels.

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Kanomax Cabin Leakage Tester

Cabin Leakage Tester

The Kanomax Cabin Leakage Tester pressurizes or depressurizes the automobile vehicle cabin to measure the changes in cabin pressure. The control unit consists of a manometer and pressure transducers. The manometer detects the leakage flow, which is calculated by measuring the nozzle pressure relative to static pressure.

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Kanomax Steam Generator

Steam Generator

Specifically designed for automobile de-mister testing. This instrument fills the automobile cabin with steam to create a humid environment, increasing the fog that accumulates on the windshield. The de-mister can then be tested in accordance with JIS D 4502/4504-1994, ISO 3470-1989(E), EEC 661, and SAE J953 standards.

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Thermal Manikin System

Kanomax USA has partnered with P.T. Teknik to bring their high-end Thermal Manikin System to the US. P.T. Teknik research manikins are widely used in analysing human thermal comfort of buildings, ventilation and air conditioning systems, cars and clothing.

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