BubbleMaster – Model 7961

Void fraction measurement and simultaneous measurement of velocity and diameter of bubbles in a gas-liquid two-phase flow

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The BubbleMaster measures gas-liquid two-phase flows with optical fiber sensors. It not only measures time-averaged void fraction, but also detects individual bubble size and velocity using reflected light intensity technology that changes when a bubble penetrates the tip of the wedge-shaped optical fiber.

Three types of quartz sensor tips are available: S-TOP, T-TOP and F-TOP. The intrusive approach of the BubbleMaster enables to measure even at a higher void fraction of over 1 %, which cannot be realized by a non-intrusive optical method.

The BubbleMaster software acquires samples from individual bubbles, which signal amplitude can be monitored on the software display. Analysis results, histogram of bubble velocity and diameter, void faction, averages and standard deviation can be obtained with the T-TOP and F-TOP sensor.

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  • Measurable even at a higher void fraction of over 1 %
  • Simultaneous measurement of bubble velocity and diameter
  • Applicable to nonconductive fluid as well
  • Option of plastic fibers or heat and pressure resistant types available (S-TOP / T-TOP)
  • Fundamental researches of nuclear reactors
  • Cavitation research, f. e., bubble sizes, velocity
  • Void fraction control in bubble columns
  • Efficiency validation of chemical process
  • Gaseous diffusion in a solution, f. e., of bio reactors

Main Unit Specifications
MethodPhotoelectric detection
Number of Channels4 Channels
Measurable Bubble Size> 1.0 mm
Applicable Velocity< 5 m/s
Type of SensorsS-TOP, T-TOP and F-TOP
Sampling SystemBurst signal sampling
Sampling ModeTrigger mode, Continuous sampling mode
Real Time MonitorPhotoelectric conversion output signal
Data AcquisitionMax. 100,000 (number of bubbles)
Analysis Data (S-TOP sensor)Bubble signal waveform, Void fraction
Analysis Data
(T-TOP / F-TOP sensor)
Bubble signal waveform, Void fraction,
Bubble velocity, Bubble diameter,
Average value, Standard deviation
Data TableBubble velocity, Bubble size
Histogram ChartBubble velocity, Bubble size
Supported Operating SystemWindows 10 (64bit)
Power Supply
VoltageAC 90V ~ 240 V
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Appearance (main unit)
Dimensions255 mm x 313 mm x 153 mm
Weightapprox. 4.5 kg

Void Fraction
Signal Waveform
Bubble VelocityX
Bubble DiameterX
Bubble Entry AngleXX
Average ValueX
Standard DeviationX

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