Airflow Testing Instruments

Kanomax USA is a leading manufacturer of airflow testing instruments for HVAC Testing, Cleanroom Monitoring, Industrial Manufacturing, and much more. Our airflow testing instruments include air velocity meters, airflow capture hoods (i.e. balometers), micromanometers, a duct air leakage tester, high temperature anemometers, transducers, transmitters, and multi-channel anemometers.

We recognize the importance of proper airflow in maintaining optimal working conditions, whether it’s in HVAC systems, cleanrooms, or industrial environments. Our airflow testing instruments provide reliable measurements of air velocity, volumetric flow rate, differential pressure, and temperature, allowing you to assess and fine-tune your ventilation systems for maximum efficiency. With our advanced technology and expertise, you can achieve superior airflow management, energy savings, and a healthier environment for both employees and occupants.

From handheld anemometers and air velocity meters to sophisticated multifunctional instruments and data loggers, Kanomax USA offers a wide array of airflow testing instruments to suit your specific requirements. Our instruments are renowned for their accuracy, durability, and ease of use, empowering you to make informed decisions, troubleshoot airflow issues, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Handheld Air Velocity Meters

Kanomax Climomaster Anemometer - 6501 Series

Climomaster Anemometer – 6501 Series

The Climomaster anemometer is a research grade handheld hot-wire anemometer that promises level 2% m.v. accuracy, making it the most accurate hot-wire airflow meter in the world.

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Kanomax Anemomaster Professional Anemometer - Model 6036 - Articulating Probe

Anemomaster Professional Anemometer – Model 6036

The Anemomaster™ Professional is an excellent choice for most HVAC applications. Its accuracy rating is 3% m.v. which is equal to our competitor’s high end units.

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Anemomaster LITE 6006-DE Unit

Anemomaster LITE Anemometer – Model 6006-DE

The Anemomaster™ LITE – Model 6006-DE is a palm size and feather weight anemometer, and is a standard quick-check instrument for HVAC Testing applications.

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Rotating Vane Anemometer - Model 6822

Rotating Vane Anemometers – 6820 Series

The Anemomaster™ Rotating Vane 6820 Series of anemometers offers a range of highly accurate airflow measuring devices. Models include industrial grade enclosure and probe.

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Airflow Capture Hoods

Kanomax TABmaster Airflow Capture Hood - Model 6710

TABmaster Airflow Capture Hood – Model 6710

The instrument has an impressive range of measurement for air flow, boasting readability from 23 to 2530 cubic feet per minute, which is measured simultaneously along with temperature, humidity and even direction of air flow.

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Kanomax TABmaster Model 6720

TABmaster Airflow Capture Hood – Model 6720

The Kanomax TABmaster Airflow Capture Hood is an extremely lightweight and easy to handle balometer, and it’s perfect for your next HVAC test. It is equipped with professional-grade features that makes it both versatile and accurate.

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Handheld Micromanometer - Model 6850

Handheld Micromanometer – Model 6850

Takes airflow and pressure readings with a pitot tube, making it easy to traverse ducts. With its ergonomic form factor, the 6850 is ideal for situations where technicians need their airflow meter to be portable yet durable.

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Kanomax Micromanometer Velocity Grid Model 6720-DP

Handheld Micromanometer – Model 6720-DP

The Handheld Micromanometer – Model 6720-DP can be used with pitot tubes, flow grids, differential pressure tubing, or an optional velocity grid (Model 6720-DP Grid).

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Duct Air Leakage Tester

Kanomax Duct Air Leakage Tester - Front

Duct Air Leakage Tester – Model 6900

The most advanced Duct Air Leakage Tester (DALT) for commercial duct systems. The instrument provides step-by-step test configuration and automated leakage testing based on the SMACNA HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual, and is accurate to ±2.5% of reading.

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High Temperature Anemometer

Kanomax High Temperature Anemometer 6162 and Probes

High Temperature Anemometer – 6162 Series

The Model 6162 is a unique anemometer designed for specialized high-temperature testing. Some of the primary applications of a mid-high temperature anemometer include: drying process control, forming process control, exhaust air measurement, and device performance testing (such as industrial ovens).

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Airflow Transducers and Transmitters

Airflow Transducer - Model 6333 Front

Airflow Transducer – Models 6333

Stationary hot-wire anemometer and compact design make it easy to build into other devices. 15 compatible probes available for simultaneous measurement of air velocity, temperature, and humidity. Both analog output and digital output available. 3 systems for analog output enables simultaneous measurement of air velocity, temperature, humidity.

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Vane Type Airflow Transmitter - Models AT400 and TAT420

Vane Type Airflow Transmitter – Models AT400 and TAT420

The AT400 and TAT420 air velocity transmitters supply accurate air velocity and (TAT420) temperature data from a building or process airflow on a continuous basis to a computer, chart recorder, printer and meter or control circuit.

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Kanomax Airflow Transducer - Models 6332/6332D

Airflow Transducer – Models 6332/6332D

Equipped with analog output and smart probe technology, making it easy to integrate with other equipment. Smart probe technology lets you change probes without recalibrating the transducer. Multiple probe options are available separately, allowing you to choose the ones that meet your application needs.

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Multi-Channel Air Velocity Meters

Multi-Channel Anemometer – Model 1580

The world’s most accurate and responsive multichannel anemometer. Perfect for measuring airflow in semiconductor manufacturing. Measure up to 12 channels with the industry’s most accurate and smallest miniature probes. Features high heat resistance and temperature measurement. Multi-point measurement has never been easier.

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Multi-Channel Anemometer PRO – Model 1590

With accuracy and responsiveness that encompasses the entire air velocity range, including the breeze speed range, this instrument provides the highest level of accuracy in the world. Multipoint measurement on up to 144 channels is realized with the industry’s smallest level miniature probe, high heat resistance, and temperature measurement.

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4-Channel Anemometer - Model 1570

4-Channel Anemometer – Model 1570

The Kanomax 4-channel Research-grade Anemometer is an airflow measuring instrument designed for high performance and precision. When coupled with our highly accurate probes this four-channel anemometer provides highly accurate and reliable data readings.

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Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemometer -1550/1560 Front

Multi-Channel Anemometer – 1550/1560 Series

research-grade airflow measuring instruments designed for high performance and precision. When coupled with our highly accurate probes this four-channel anemometer provides highly accurate and reliable data readings.

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