Kanomax Partners With Elemental Machines On Digital Cleanroom Solutions

Republished from Cleanroom Technology:

Elemental Machines (EM) a provider of IoT sensors powered by data science and providing actionable insights based on operational data, has partnered with, Kanomax USA.

Kanomax is a particle detection and airflow measurement expert. As a laboratory operations (LabOps) intelligence pioneer, EM is dedicated to supported fully-connected lab and manufacturing facilities.

The new partnership brings together EM’s lab monitoring software with Kanomax’s precision measurement technology to incorporate real-time and historical operational data with Kanomax’s Clean Room Monitoring System.

The Kanomax Cleanroom Monitoring System offers turnkey solutions for monitoring needs required by various industries such as pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, semiconductor, and automotive. With more than 80 years of experience in the business Kanomax USA has always been pushing forward. Kanomax’s precision particle counters are capable of real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, airborne particles, differential pressure, energy consumption, and gasses. Via the Kanomax system, alarms can be initiated per designated event and have dependable remote access.

“We are excited to be teaming up with Elemental Machines and starting a new journey in cleanroom solutions and technology,” said Koji Miyasaka, General Manager at Kanomax USA. “We are most excited about working with the team over at EM and collaborating on future projects with their team.”

The partnership will allow data collected by Kanomax’s technology to be stored and accessed via EM cloud-based dashboard for ease of viewing.

Elemental Machines’ IoT-enabled sensors and platform connect virtually any piece of equipment to the cloud, bringing together important data from across the lab and manufacturing. EM’s real-time environmental monitoring and alerting solution tracks critical data such as CO2/O2 percentage, airborne particles, temperature, and humidity, notifying users of out-of-range events.

“Partnering with Kanomax will add to EM’s growing list of hardware integrations that eliminate data silos and digitally connect critical environmental conditions with real-time and historical data helping with reproducibility, compliance, and production integrity,” said Dan Petkanas, National Channel Sales Manager at Elemental Machines.