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Innovative Products and Applications for Industrial Flow Testing

Kanomax Climomaster Anemometer - 6501 Series

Climomaster Hot-Wire Anemometer – 6501 Series

The most accurate handheld hot wire anemometer in the world. With an accuracy level of 2% m.v, the Climomaster offers unparalleled measurements, a wide array of flexibility and options, sleek design, anti-slip grip, and backlit display. With the Climomaster, Kanomax has successfully found the balance between accuracy, efficiency and durability.
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Kanomax High Temperature Anemometer 6162 and Probes

High Temperature Anemometer – 6162 Series

This product is specifically designed by Kanomax for the testing of mid-high temperatures. It possesses 2 different probes; with the middle temperature probe measuring to about two hundred degrees, and the high temperature probe measuring to 500 degrees. The anemometer temperature circuitry makes sure that there is an accurate measurement even if a fluctuation of temperature is experienced.
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Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemometer -1550/1560 Front

Multi-channel Anemometer – 1550/1560 Series

This is an instrument that is majorly used for high-performance measurements, making sure that they are as precise as possible. There are various models of this instrument; some possess module bays up to 24 channels, while others are capable of up to 64 channels of different measurements at the same time. The various bays are capable of measuring various parameters like air velocity, temperature, and humidity.
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Kanomax Airflow Transducer - Models 6332/6332D

Airflow Transducer – Models 6332 and 6332D

This instrument makes use of analog output, making the integration of another instrument easy. Smart probe technology allows you to change probes without actual recalibration, so it is advisable that you purchase probes that meet the application of the instrument. You can also combine with thermographic systems, enabling you to measure air velocity to estimate cooling effects.
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