High Temp Anemometer Applications

High Temperature Anemometer Applications

High-temperature anemometers are utilized for testing temperatures of very high degrees. They are used in various industries for this purpose, some of which include:

Industrial Oven in Electronic Manufacturing

In this industry, high-temperature anemometers are mainly used to measure temperatures around 600 degrees. Measuring is done to ensure the protection of electronic and other valuable components from very high temperatures during the manufacturing process. They also provide various options like stoving and curing to enable the extraction of high volatile solvents.

Automotive Exhaust Gas Flow in Automotive Industry

The high temperature of released gases during boiling and combustion processes makes proper measuring of temperatures very important in the automotive engineering industry. Here, they are used to measure the output of gases in order to make sure that an exhaust system is working optimally. The importance of measuring and monitoring the gas released will help prevent damage to equipment. Once the temperature of the gas has been measured, temperature values will be adjusted if it is too high or too low. When the burn is too high, or too low, it leads to further pollution.

Industrial Pasta Dryer in Food Processing Industry

Here, high-temperature anemometers aid in the removal of moisture by evaporation and for measuring temperature. In most situations this process is used prior to packaging pasta. It is imperative to maintain proper temperatures because if food is being packaged incorrectly it can lead to spoilage, thereby rendering the product inedible.  Food processing is a very delicate industry and a little variation in temperature can affect the health of consumers. That is why the accuracy of the high-temperature anemometer is very needed here.