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Essential TAB Instruments for Residential HVAC

Analyzing Residential HVAC Systems Efficiently

Residential HVAC systems contain unique characteristics when compared to commercial systems. Smaller registers and lower airflow are two key differences when put up against larger set ups. For these reasons, testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) in residential buildings require appropriately-sized and spec’d out airflow measuring devices.

Most airflow capture hoods are designed for large commercial registers, and in some cases they are jury-rigged to accommodate small, residential registers. The problem with doing this is that the airflow will disperse in a manner that produces inaccurate results when it reaches the velocity grid. This makes using appropriately sized flow hoods very important, as they are designed to let airflow reach the measuring points in a smooth and unobstructed manner, allowing for the most accurate measurements.

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The Kanomax TABmaster Mini Airflow Capture Hood – Model 6750 provides highly accurate airflow measurements at 8 to 600 m3/h, can measure airflow and temperature simultaneously, and has built-in Bluetooth capabilities for remote control, and recording data using the Kanomax Smart App. It’s telescoping rod also makes measuring high, hard-to-reach registers fast and easy.

The TABmaster Mini balometer is not only great for measuring HVAC system registers; it is also the perfect tool for testing kitchen range hoods.

Duct Traverse as an Alternative

Another thing to consider is that, if a balometer is not available, TAB technicians can also take similar measurements using the tried and tested procedure outlined in ASHRAE Standard 111. For those that don’t know, this standard is based on conducting a duct traverse. This requires an airflow velocity and pressure measuring device and pitot tube.

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The Kanomax Handheld Micromanometer – Model 6850 is a great tool for taking measurements with a pitot tube as it can measure airflow velocity and pressure. When high resolution pressure measurements are required, this is the best instrument for the job.

Overall, every residential HVAC technician should have quality instruments for measuring system registers and ducts. The right instruments make performing measurements faster and easier, meaning technicians can help more customers in a shorter amount of time. That’s why Kanomax USA is here to provide HVAC technicians with the very best measuring instruments to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Expand Your HVAC Arsenal

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