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Building Start’s AiRNAB: The TAB Pro’s Dream

One thing that we continue to hear from our test and balance (TAB) customers is that drafting reports takes up a huge amount of their time. From taking handwritten notes, to adding them to a spreadsheet, and then adding the data to a final official report; we can see why! That’s why we decided to make testing and balancing a whole lot easier by partnering with Building Start.

Building Start is a software company that produced a revolutionary testing and balancing mobile application; AiRNAB. AiRNAB is a digital recording platform that allows TAB technicians to sync their Kanomax Model 6715 Airflow Capture Hoods to their iOS-based mobile device via Bluetooth to start and stop measurements, as well as to automate reporting. With AiRNAB technicians can ditch the old methods of scribbling notes and creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Instead, all of the readings data from the 6715 goes right into the user’s AiRNAB account. From there the user can generate a custom-made report in just a few clicks. This ends up saving TAB professionals and businesses tons of time and money!

According to Building Start’s website, with AiRNAB you can:

  • Log in and view air balance readings anytime.
  • Track all recorded readings with usernames and date/time stamps.
  • View a chronological TAB work audit trail.
  • Easily track field issues and monitor the progress of the trade responsible for resolving them.
  • Generate final TAB reports within 24-48 hours of project completion, regardless of project size.
  • Quickly turn around the final TAB report required for a certificate of occupancy — no problem!

To learn more about how AiRNAB can transform your TAB experience feel free to contact us.